Residential Roofing

The installation and repair of residential roofing systems is the mainstay of Patriot Roofing. Our staff can provide you a free roof inspection and consultation, and write you a free quote, whether it’s a re-roofing or new construction project.

  • Repairs
  • Re-Roofs
  • Ventilation Upgrades
  • Skylights
  • Sun Tunnels
  • Chimney Repair
  • Roof Inspections
  • Insurance Reductions

We install top quality:

Asphalt Shingles Roofs (All Types)


Metal Roofs


Clay or Concrete Tile Roofs


Wood Shake


Flat Roofs


Slate Roofs

The quality of your roof depends on several factors: type and quality of roofing material, manufacturer, skill of the installation crew, attachment method, preparation work done prior to installation, life expectancy and warranty. We will be glad to discuss these issues with you as well as assist you in choosing the roofing system that fits your wants and needs.

Roof Repairs

Our customers who require minor roof repairs or shingle replacement are as important to us as our roof replacement customers. Our experienced installers and roofing specialists are familiar with all roof designs and systems and make effective repairs on their first trip.